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SUP experiences

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SUP Tours

full day

follow us to discover the wildest and most uncontaminated corners of the sardinian coasts .. sliding on its crystalline waters!

what's a Full Day Tour?

A full day SUP Tour is an excursions aimed at exploring and discovering every corner and detail of the most spectacular stretches of coast we chose for you that day, based on the best possible weather conditions. At the same time, it's an occasion to improve your technical skills and make physical well as mental relaxing pleasure.

We start in the morning and get back in the afternoon, so we bring a packed lunch .. a real full immersion in nature, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes!

some examples of our best SUP Tours..

starting from the Sella del Diavolo in Cagliari, where we organize the Course + Tour for beginners, to continue towards the west coast, passing through Chia, Teulada, S. Antioco, Carloforte, Masua, Buggerru, S'Archittu, Bosa. .. or towards the east coast, starting from Punta Molentis, Isola dei Cavoli, Villasimius, to go up to the coves of the Gulf of Orosei .. and even further north in the Maddalena Archipelago .. we have 1800 km of coasts.. to be explored!

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requirements to participate

You will cover more than 10 km, therefore it is necessary having already participated in our Course-Tour at the Sella del Diavolo - Cagliari, or in any case being experienced and know the basic SUP technique at sea and show sufficient control of the board even in not-flat water and under medium and high intenisty gusts of wind. No particular physical skills are required, but it is necessary having a good general shape and being at ease even in deep and wavy water ... as well as having a good spirit of adventure. group!

how much do they cost?

SUP Tours

full day






SUP formula







The rental fee includes the complete professional SUP equipment ready for use at the established meeting point:
SUP board with leash, paddle, 10-liter dry bag, life jacket.

How do I know when you plan a tour?

The communications relating to the Full Day Tours is managed by our Whatsapp chat in which you will be add only after having participated in the Course-Tour at the Sella del Diavolo  - Cagliari and previous our evaluation of suitability.
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ok .. I decided to participate!

great! .. the starting point is to participate in our Course + SUP Tour in Cagliari, where we will be able to get to know each other and evaluate if your technical level is sufficient to participate safely in SUP Tours full day .

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