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Marina Piccola - Cagliari

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Course + Tour

@ Sella del Diavolo - Cagliari

Live a unique experience ...

in a unique place!

You will experience the sensation of total freedom that only the SUP can give ... in a magical place like the Sella del Diavolo .. one of the icons of the city of Cagliari!


Before leaving for the tour, we will teach you the basic notions and technique so you will discover how simple and fun is to slide on the water paddling on the SUP.

During about 3.5 hours, you will slide slowly on the crystalline emerald green waters, among the stacks close to the limestone cliff, immersed in the scents of the sea and the Mediterranean scrub, accompanied by the singing of the seagulls that populate this magical place.


Accompanied by our instructors, you will discover places inaccessible from the ground, secret beaches, caves, natural pools where is possible to dive and snorkel, or simply relax to enjoy the natural spectacle surrounding us!


As we set up the equipment before you arrival at the meeting point, all you have to do is follow the instructions and enjoy the experience!

Our tour at Sella del Diavolo - Cagliari is designed especially for those who want to try a SUP for the first time and also for those who want to perfect their technique.

why StandUpPaddling?

- it is an easy sport, fun, relaxing, healthy for the mind and body
- it is for the whole family
- it is ecological
- it is the best way to discover and explore every hidden spots of our fantastic coasts!

how much does it cost?


what does it include?

- mini-course before the start (first minutes of explanation and practical tests on land and then in the water)

- 3/3.5 hour tour. The tour itself is part of the teaching activity that takes place in a group and along the naturalistic path of the Sella)

- rental of the complete SUP equipment, including a dry bag (wetsuit in the winter months excluded)

- sharing of the photos / videos of the day

​- the activity is under the presence and supervision of a qualified federal instructor, in possession of the International Lifeguard SUP Rescue and BLSD/First Aid Licences.

requirements to take part

No particular physical skills are required: generally being in good shape, being able to swim, not being afraid of deep water

what is membership?

If you are not a tourist and you are interested in becoming a member of our Sportive Association providing a valid Medical Certificate. The Tutt'in SUP card, whose annual costs and renewal is 25, includes a sportive insurance coverage and offers you the opportunity to get special rates for members on following activities:


- 20€ for those at the Sella (Cagliari)

40€ for those outside Cagliari, of a longer duration, always equipment rental included (subject to our assessment of suitability).


To become a member it is strictly necessary to provide a valid copy of a Medical Fitness Certificate.

Without a medical certification, we will provide the issue of a regular invoice, amounting standard rate 50€

can I use my SUP?

If you want to use your SUP, you will pay the annual membership fee of 25€ and you can participate for free at tours @Sella del diavolo - Cagliari, and with a fee of 10€ in the excursions outside Cagliari.

We kindly ask that your equipment be ready to start at the meeting point at the planned time. If your SUP is inflatable, for organizational reasons in the pre-departure phase, we WILL NOT BE ABLE to inflate it!

what should I bring?

- a bottle of water

- a snack

- sunglasses

- flip flops or sea shoes

- sun cream

- mask or snorkel kit.. if you want to snorkel during the planned stops

In winter, a wetsuit is required (NOT PROVIDED), preferably with a technical shirt or long-sleeved lycra underneath, in order to lower the wetsuit if it is too hot.

Anything you don't want to bring with you during the tour (ex: shoes, clothes, car keys, smartphone etc.), you will be able to leave it in our support vehicle, which will be parked near the meeting point.

meeting point

The meeting point is at the beginning of the Marina Piccola pedestrian promenade, just in front of the "L 'Aurora" kiosk sea terrace.


- Departure: Poetto Beach / Marina Piccola

- Arrival: Calamosca Cave

- Total distance Round-trip: 6 Km

- Average duration: 3.5 hours

when do we start?

For that reason, it is impossible for us to plan a long term calendar of excursions.
But weather permitting, we are operational every day!

​You can book individually and the confirmation of feasibility is given only if the minimum number of 4 participants is reached, within the evening before the starting date.

The excursions to the Sella ALWAYS START IN THE MORNING (in the afternoon the usual wind does not allow us to paddle along the cliffs).

In case of worsening weather conditions, the excursion may be canceled for obvious security reasons.

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where do I find the photos?

Click on the image and select the date of your experience from the list... here you can download the photos in high resolution

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can I buy a Gift Card?

of course! .. you can give the experience as a gift by purchasing our Gift Cards

ok.. I decided to participate!

great!.. just follow the next two steps to book your SUP experience..





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