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about us

We are madly in love with nature and our fantastic Island .. and in the SUP we have found, from the first paddles, the best way to share this immense passion of ours with EVERYONE! ..

..this is the philosophy that gave birth to Tutt'in SUP!

SUP is an accessible, ecological sport that is extremely healthy for the mind and body, which is why in recent years it is having a huge spread all over the world and in all its disciplines.


Tutt'in SUP is one of the very first sports associations in Italy to have been founded exclusively with the idea of ​​promoting and disseminating SUP Touring as a perfect means, and suitable for everyone, to discover and explore the sea coasts .. and not as a pastime. or secondary activity to entertain, for example, sailing sports practitioners in the absence of wind, or wave surfers in the absence of waves!


If today we are recognized as a reference point for SUP Touring at a national level, with several hundreds of kilometers covered in thousands of hours of paddling in the sea every year, it is because we wanted to specialize in SUP Touring!

A weekend instructor license is not enough .. we got there thanks to a whole life spent at sea in the practice of sailing sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, both as simple practitioners and as athletes and instructors, and thanks to a long work of preventive mapping of all the stretches of coast in which we organize the activities, with measurement of distances, landing points, sea beds, possible variable risks due to weather and tides, escape routes, and obviously a constant study of meteorology.


Every year we invest time and money for continuous training updates of our instructors, both in the technical and safety fields, because it is true that SUP is a very fun and accessible sport, but we must not forget that it is practiced on the water .. and be it sea, lake or river, this always hides pitfalls that must be evaluated very carefully .. so if you want to discover this fantastic activity, BEWARE OF IMITATIONS and RELY ON PROFESSIONALS ... BECAUSE YOU DON'T JOKE WITH THE SEA!

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