SUP is a sport accessible to everybody. Easy to learn, pleasant and relaxing, can give immediately great emotions and at the same time guarantees a complete physical activity in contact with nature, whether you practice on flat water (cruising), whether you ride the waves (surfing).

Thanks to its simplicity, it can also be learned by yourself but, being a sport that is practiced on water (sea, rivers and lakes) it is very important to know the possible risks that these environments can hide.


Practicing SUP is one thing, practicing it in SAFETY and in total autonomy is another !!


Based on the number of participants and compatibly with the weather conditions, for beginners we provide mini-training on the occasion of their first excursion, so as to allow everyone to immediately experience the thrill of SUP-Touring.


With single lessons of 1.5 hours, individual or group (max 4 person), you can learn the basics up to the most advanced. Based on your level, from the neophyte to those who, as self-taught, want to have the certainty of correcting the most common mistakes that risk compromising the achievement of a more advanced level; or for those who want to broaden their knowledge on safety before taking on the SUP-Touring world.


Our teaching includes:

  • evaluation of weather and sea conditions and exit planning
  • knowledge of the equipment
  • basic technique
  • advanced technique
  • ground exercises and simulations
  • exercises on the water

For our courses we provide a high quality equipment (inflatable board, adjustable length paddle), including basic safety equipment (life jacket and leash).