The SUP allows to share our passion for the sea, for our island, for outdoor sports and good company. SUP is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle and everybody can practice it .........


Tutt’in SUP... in italian means “Everybody in SUP” !!


During the Demo Days we let you discover how easy and fun it is to practice SUP, just a few minutes of practical tests with our Federal Instructors !!

For those who want to deepen their knowledge and decides to practice independently and safely, we offer courses with different levels and duration, customized according to your needs.

Finally we will introduce you the world of SUP Touring, organizing fantastic guided excursions... the best way to discover and explore our coasts, from a totally new point of view !!

SUP Tours

One of the most interesting aspects of the SUP is certainly the Hike&SUP:

a complete physical activity, in close contact with nature, on a totally ecological means of transport, in a mental state of pure relaxation, driven by the desire to explore and discover something new, an experience that offers strong emotions!


SUP Touring is the most pleasant way to learn and refine the correct paddling technique!


Thanks to the SUP we can discover amazing places scattered along our coasts, inaccessible from the mainland or with any other transportation means!


Paddleboarding is one thing... Paddleboarding in Sardinia is another thing!


Individual or group lessons, customized according to your needs and carried out in selected locations, from time to time, based on the most suitable weather conditions and on the level of the participants.

Demo Days

Free trials, equipment tests, amateur competitions, water games, group mini-cruises on board of our BIG-SUP, no limits to imagination… fun is guaranteed !!

Ask for us at your event and we will be there to animate the beach!